Overview of all KBR Orchids plants. Our assortment consists of new varieties, both mericlone and new hybrid plants.
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C. CHYONG GUU SWANC. Chyong Guu Swan 

C. GREENWICHC. Greenwich 

C. PETCH SIAMC. Petch Siam 

C. SANYUNG RUBYC. Sanyung Ruby "Shin-Mei" 

C. SRIVILAS GOLDC. Srivilas Gold 

CTT. LITTLE FAIRLYCtt. Little Fairly 

RLC. BOONYARIT DIAMONDRlc. Boonyarit Diamond 

RLC. BOONYARIT PINKRlc. Boonyarit Pink 

RLC. HAADYAI DELIGHTRlc. Haadyai Delight 

RLC. KING OF TAIWANRlc. King of Taiwan "TaShin-No" 

RLC. TRIUMPHAL CORONATIONRlc. Triumphal Coronation "Seto" 

KBR Orchids

Vanda & Cattleya orchid farm,
Nakhonratchasima, Thailand.

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